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Marlow Camp 2014

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Patriot ESU / 2nd Thorpe Bay / 4th Thorpe Bay Scout Troops

Patriot ESU together with 2nd & 4th Thorpe Bay scout troops enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of the River Thames (Longridge Activity Centre, Marlow) for this year’s Pirate themed summer camp.

We managed to cram into a very busy week all the available activities on site including dragon boating, sailing, bell boating, canoeing, rafting, Orbing, climbing, Jacob’s Ladder, crate stacking, giant swing, rowing and kayaking. We also completed a ‘Murder Mystery’ day hike around Marlow town. The Explorers and Scouts participated in our own version of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ one evening and we all loved watching “Dick” (Richard Vale) showing the younger scouts how not to row a boat to and from the mainland! At least he didn’t fall in this year so his boat management skills are definitely improving. The hot weather made the water activities very welcome and made walking the plank almost welcome!




We had the added excitement of camping on the small Island with no running water or toilet, but ask any Explorer or Scout if they would change it for the comfort of the mainland, and the answer would be a definite ‘NO’ J


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